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Southern Grenadines

Animal Kindness

SGAK is a non-profit organization, born out of the dream of a few people in the Grenadines who have observed the effects of neglect, starvation, abuse and disease on the animals in the islands.

Long before SGAK was formed, the people behind it were donating, caring, adopting and treating animals with medications and surgeries for some years. We decided to formalize our organization and hope this will raise awareness of the plight of these animals, plus bring in some much needed funding to increase the activity.

In our eighth year now, SGAK is privately funded by the founders and accepts donations from caring animal lovers who are aware of our mission and shelter facility.

SGAK has already neutered/spayed and treated many hundreds of dogs and cats on both Mayreau and Union Island. Many of the dogs treated by SGAK are “street dogs” while some of the “owned dogs” are treated and paid for by SGAK as many owners cannot afford medication nor neuter/spays. In addition to neutering/spays we are also medicating these animals against fleas, ticks, worms, mange, other diseases and injuries as needed. For a number of cases, we feed dogs and puppies. 

SGAK has a shelter facility on Union Island with a full time resident/care person (Susie). The facility has about ½ acre of shaded runs and holding kennels for recovery. The shelter provides medications, care and recovery time for puppies and injured or sick animals until they can be placed with responsible owners who must commit to proper care of their new pet.

Our facility on Union Island conducts several clinics each year with the assistance of veterinarians from the region.  

Our Union Island shelter is open between clinics for care and feeding all year round, and Susie, our care person and vet assistant, oversees the day to day operations.

We are attempting to teach local owners, case by case, about animal care and disease control with a longer term outlook of creating a much better understanding of and kindness to animals. This is a big challenge, but our approach is by example.

Other than the obvious goals of reducing birth rates and disease, we hope to better educate younger people about care and abuse, while making an obvious improvement to animal welfare on Union Island and Mayreau. Even the stray dogs/cats will be treated as we can get them to the clinic on Union Island. 


Donating, Caring, Adopting and Treating

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