Southern Grenadines

ANIMAL Kindness

This dog in Ashton recently give birth.  She lives under a sheet of corrugated roofing - Geraldine, a local animal lover, provides her food daily.


Lucky, ready to travel ...

SGAK Christmas Clinic 2018

Boscoe, in his new California home.


Following our clinic in Feb/2019, these 8 dogs were adopted by the Del Oro Rescue Foundation and brought to their rescue centre in California for re homing. The 6 puppies were originally rescued and placed in  our SGAK shelter, medicated,fed and sheltered prior to their trip to California.

The two adults, Boscoe and Lucky (the black one) were rescued and had been living at the SGAK shelter for about a year. 

Lucky was brought in after being run over and left to die. He had broken rear legs leg-now healed. He is now healthy and with a bad limp but nothing seems to slow him down- he is definitely Lucky.

Boscoe lived and was treated at SGAK for several months after a bad injury. He has already been adopted by a couple from Northern California. Lucky was my best friend when I visited the shelter-I will miss him (Gary  Burns)