SGAK and our animal residents wish to thank “The Great Canadian Petfood Co.” for the high quality, nutricious food sent from Canada to our little shelter on Union Island in St Vincent.

There are always 25 to 30 of us dogs and cats being treated , recovering and hoping for adoption-we greatly appreciate your high quality food – thankyou Great Canadian Petfood Co.


​Heather Grant (Canada)

Gary Burns (Canada)


Gillian Fitzgerald (Britain)


Dr. Collin Boyle of St. Vincentl


Susie Alexander (Union Island)

Bongo "Animal Man" (Union Island)


​Jaye Bacon (Canada)


We at SGAK would like to thank David and Sandy Walker (of Primary Fluid Systems Inc.) from Burlington, Ontario, Canada for their generous financial support as well as their interest in SGAK's mission to the care and health of our animals on Union Island and Mayreau.

Southern Grenadines Animal Kindness (SGAK) was founded by Heather Grant and Gary Burns plus their spouses about 5 years ago.  After years of individual rescues and treatments, we decided to set up a permanent facility for animal shelter, rescue and recovery with a full-time staff person (Susie).

SGAK is privately funded by the two founders, but we require outside donations as the facility and numbers of animals have expanded significantly  We appreciate any financial support that comes in.

The SGAK facility is located in Clifton on Union.  The phone number for our facility is:  1-784-458-8287.  This is where we rescue, treat, medicate, neuter/spay and care for abandoned, abused and homeless or sick dogs and cats.

The inflow of patients and puppies is constant.

As a private facility, all Paypal donations are forwarded to a bank account in Canada and then sent to SGAK in Union.

Founders & Directors of SGAK

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We are located in the Southern Grenadines, in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, West Indies.

We are southwest of Barbados and north of Grenada.

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