The most recent clinic was February 2019:  Dr. Boyle came for a 2-day clinic.  We treated over 30 animals - spays, neuters, cancer, mange, heartworm.

Visiting vet Dr. Dave Szentimry from Ontario assisted in the post-op ward: Many thanks Dave and Collin!

In December of 2018, SGAK hosted a day day spay/neuter clinic with 4 volunteer Veterinarians and Vet Techs from New Jersey, USA.  The costs for transportation, food and lodging plus medications were underwritten by Heike and Rainer Stabinow, and the DelOro foundation for animal care and adoption in California.

SGAK staff and volunteers were involved for the entire clinic with recovery supervision, transportation for animals and surgery room support.

There were 3 surgery stations in our little Union Island centre for two days during which more than 70 dogs and cats were neutered/spayed - many of them street dogs.  On the third day, the Vet Team went by boat to the neighbouring island of Mayreau where about 30 dogs were neutered/spayed.

Altogether, over 100 dogs and cats were neutered and spayed in three days!  Our thanks to all involved in these highly successful and very special clinics.

Surgery and Recovery with help from our friends! December 2018

Southern Grenadines

ANIMAL Kindness


Our Next Clinic dates will be announced presently.

Did you know?

Over 6 years a single mother dog and her offspring can produce more than 67,000 puppies!


What are the ADVANTAGES of neutering your pet?

  • normally done at 6 months of age, we are doing the numerous puppy spay/neuters before rehoming.
  • Pets are less inclined to roam or fight.  This will result in fewer dog bites and animal-related traffic accidents in the islands.
  • Neutering can make your pet more affectionate and more protective of you.
  • Neutering can be done as early as six months of age.
  • In males, neutering reduces the changes of developing testicular and prostate cancer.
  • Spayed females have less likelihood of developing mammary tumours and pyometra (a potentially deadly infection in the uterus common in many dogs in the islands).
  • Neutering reduces the overpopulation of unwanted dogs in the islands.
  • The lifespan of your pet can be increased significantly.
  • Having a dog neutered helps remove any likelihood of a visit by aggressive and unwelcome dogs.
  • Last but not least, neutering your pet can potentially save the lives of countless pets and provide unwanted dogs the opportunity to find loving families.