Southern Grenadines

Animal Kindness

Food is a big cost for SGAK


If you would like to help the animals in the Southern Grenadines by making a donation, Heather Grant and Gary Burns - the two founders of SGAK - would really appreciate that. Please click on the "Donate” button ON THE TOP RIGHT OF EACH PAGE!!

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Rescued from the Garbage

A local resident found 2 kittens in a garbage bag in the dump.  They were almost dead but after being brought to SGAK and treated, they are healthy now.

Meal Time

Sandy and Dave Walker of Burlington, Ontario, have been the most generous benefactors of SGAK imaginable.  The Walkers have continued to  send high quality, Canadian dog food in containers 2 to 3 times a year over the past two years to ease the ongoing burden of quality dog food to SGAK.

 Our sincere thanks and gratitude go out to this remarkable couple, whose generosity seems to know no bounds.